This winery is there for the people and the local culture

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L'Olivera is known in Catalonia as a specialist in making wood-aged white wines. Each and every one of these wines that makes us enthusiastic. But that's not the only thing that caught our attention when we traveled through the region in search of the most special wines.

This is not just a winery, but a social initiative. In the southernmost part of DO Costers del Segre is the modest monastic village of Vallbona de les Monges. Here the landscape is enriched by the olive groves and vineyards of L'Olivera Cooperativa.

For 40 years they have been working here to support the local economy and to offer a workplace to people with disabilities in socially difficult circumstances. They do this through viticulture.

L'Olivera stands for social inclusion; the personal development and social integration of people with disabilities. They are offered the opportunity to experience the vital and emotional experience of working. As a result, as much work as possible is done by hand here.

The wines of this social winery are all organic, vegan and all typical for this part of Catalonia. Unique terroir, a talented winemaker and healthy vines combine to produce wines that will make you take your hat off.

Nice and quirky and constantly looking for expressiveness. Click here. for all L'Olivera wines.


1 reaction

  • Edith Simonse

    What a beautiful winery and what a wonderful initiative to offer people with disabilities such an opportunity!


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