Small and romantic, it still exists

Porrera is the first village you encounter when you drive over the first mountain pass from the regional capital Reus and drive into Priorat via winding roads. It seems as if time has stood still here, just like in many other villages in the Spanish interior. The village has less than 500 inhabitants and the first supermarket is a few villages away.

Jonas Macip Simó was mayor of Porrera for many years, where the village announcements are still communicated through intercoms that are displayed on many street corners. His family has lived here for generations and his grandfather used to have a distillery of eau de vie (which was often exported to the Netherlands), called: Giol. The family also owned a modest number of acres of vineyards. After the harvest, the grapes were always sold to the local cooperative and blended with other grapes.


When Jonas' father retired, he left the vineyards to his son. Jonas initially also sells the grapes after the harvest, but he realizes more and more that the grapes from his vineyards are of very high quality. In 2018 he decides to take a different approach and uses part of his harvest to make his own wine. However, no half work. First find out how to make good wine and then deliver top wine. He succeeded very quickly.


Jonas starts with a red wine from Garnatxa and Carinyena and a white wine from 100% Garnatxa Blanca. He soon received rave reviews from local wine enthusiasts and professionals. It motivates him to continue and the following year he uses a little more of the harvest for his own wines. A little more every year.

Also attracting attention is a new white wine made from a completely unknown grape variety: Verdiell. It turns out that this grape has been planted in his vineyard for decades. Where it used to go with the other white grapes and was blended, Jonas decided to vinify it alone. Because Priorat only allows a limited number of grape varieties, this wine is not allowed to be marketed under the name of the grape, so it is available under the name 'Varietat Autoctona' (local grape variety). However, available? He only makes 200 bottles a year. A truly unique wine.


One of the oldest vineyards owned by the family is on the Mas d'en Caçador. Some are as old as 120 years and Jonas' latest new wine is made from only grapes from this slope. 120 year old Garnatxa and Carinyena are crisscrossed with even a tiny bit of rare Picapoll Negre (5%). For this wine, Jonas chooses new oak barrels to make it a truly premium wine. You taste that.

Jonas' wines are ideal for celebrating beautiful moments. Curious about his range? Click here.


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