Wine food with BROOS

Muscadet with oysters.

Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire with goat cheese.

Sauternes with foie gras.

These are 3 classic wine pairings. What exactly is wine food and why does it exist?

The wines of Tinc.set all have a wine food suggestion on their page and that was devised by BROOS. Today we are introduced to BROOS and we hear what they think about wine food.



What is BROSE?

"BROOS cooks at home. In addition to the love for each other, we, Merlin and Sebastiaan, from BROOS also share the love for cooking, eating and drinking. We enjoy spending hours with friends, family or anyone else at large long tables. " 


Why did you start this?

"We would like to share our passion for food, drink and conviviality with as many people as possible. That is where the idea for BROOS arose, a catering service at home, where we prepare your entire breakfast, lunch, drink or dinner from start to finish. take care of."


What do you think is the value of wine in a dinner?

"The value of the right wine food is that it can reinforce each other. You will experience flavors that do not come up without the combination. 1+1=3 with the right wine food combination. It is not just the food and wine, but the added value - an extra dimension!"



What is your style when creating wine pairings?

"Our style is to surprise people with the right combination, not always go for the safe choice. We want to surprise the guests not only with the food, but also with the combination of wine."


What is your favorite wine food combination of the wines from Tinc.set?

"Our favorite wine pairing is Pulpo a la Gallega with El Templari by Celler Barbara Fores from DO Terra Alta. Delicious buttery octopus with a nice glass of red wine. The combination of fish and red wine is not always common, but that's why this is right the top combination for us."


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