Wine Regions of Catalonia

Catalonia is a region in northeastern Spain. In the north, the Pyrenees separate the area from France and from east to south it borders the Mediterranean Sea. 


Wine Regions of Catalonia


As a wine region, Catalonia has 10 small areas with their own quality and origin designations (Denominación de Origen, or DO). In addition, DO Catalunya exists for all wine that is produced in this region but falls outside the smaller and stricter DOs due to regulations. Finally, DO Cava is a DO for the sparkling wine cava that mainly comes from Penedes, but this may officially also come from other certain areas in Spain and bear the name cava.


The wineries we work with are all unique. They are family businesses that attach great importance to quality, the use of local grape varieties and the nurturing and propagation of the region's identity. In addition, we wanted to create a wide range of wines from various small DOs. Below you can see where our wineries come from. Then you can see where those regions are located on the map above.


Our wineries Origin (number on the map above)
Acoustic Celler DO Montsant (7)
Autocton Celler DO Tarragona (11)
Celler Barbara Fores DO Terra Alta (12)
Celler Carles Andreu DO Conca de Barbera (4)
L'Olivera Cooperativa DO Costers del Segre (5)
Rhythm Celler DOQ Priorat (10)
Vega de Ribes DO Penedes (8)



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