The Style of L'Apical - An Interview with Sergi Sevillano

About L'Apical

L'Apical was founded in 2012. We can therefore speak of a young winery. It all started when Sergi Sevillano and Martí Giralt met during their training in oenology and viticulture. Martí knows the vineyards inside out. Coming from a family with more than 40 years of experience between the grapes. Sergi became a sommelier and technician in a number of prestigious restaurants and wine shops. After each following their own path, they found each other again. In Penedès, less than an hour's drive from Barcelona, ​​they started l'Apical. We met with Sergi and we asked what makes L'Apical wines so special.

How do you describe the style of your wines?

Our wine style is 100% based on the L'Apical philosophy: to express honestly and intensely the best version of the traditional grape varieties of our area, Penedes. We do this based on ecological and sustainable viticulture with respect for the environment. If we had to describe our style in 3 words, it would be: fresh, light and honest.

Is that the style you have always pursued?

Yes, both Martí Giralt and I, from the beginning we have been clear about our philosophy and our direction. We wanted to experiment with new types of wine (such as orange wine and ancestral) and typical local grape varieties (Malvasía de Sitges, Xarel lo Vermell). It was our wish to make new, but also authentic wine in the style of Penedes.

What do the indigenous grape varieties contribute to the style of wine you are looking for?

authenticity. Wine is born in the vineyard and we are well aware of the origin of our vineyards. That is why we choose to work with the grape varieties that adapt best to our climate and territory, and that ultimately give authenticity and recognizability to our project.

What are you doing to achieve this style?

Pampering and maximum care for our vineyards, because they are the origin of everything. We treat the vineyards as if it were our garden. We then accompany the grape varieties in all our processes, always keeping in mind to preserve and improve its natural characteristics. Our goal is to get maximum expression in the wine. To achieve this, we apply organic and regenerative viticulture. There is minimal intervention in the cellar and we work with native yeasts. In short, work in a logical and conscious way.

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