The wines of the two sisters are absolutely a hit.

Terra Alta

Our imaginary wine tour through Catalonia continues in the southernmost wine region of the region: DO Terra Alta. This area, where the Ebro River enters Catalonia, was the scene of the Spanish Civil War. We arrive in the village of Corbera d'Ebre, with more houses than inhabitants and where only the church tower reveals that this village has existed for more than 50 years. This area is, among other things, the spiritual home of the grape Garnatxa Blanca, which feels like a fish in water in this extreme climate. 


The Miró family lives in this village. Father Jordi is the winemaker of a corporation in Priorat and as a hobby he decided to start his own winery with only 6 hectares of vineyards. Andrea (20) is his eldest daughter, for a school project she experimented with winemaking in her father's winery. She found it so fascinating that she asked her father to take a small part of the vineyard, to make her own wines. She uses the Garnatxa Blanca grape variety, with which she now makes 3 wines. She herself calls it the different textures of Garnatxa Blanca: a dry white wine, a sparkling wine and a white dessert wine. Andrea makes her wines with limited use of sulphite and she only wants to intervene in the vineyard when it is really necessary. That is why she calls her wines 'Naturalment'.


Aida (16) is Andrea's younger sister. She saw her sister at work in the vineyard, and one day she also wanted to make wine. She then claimed the blue grape variety Garnatxa. Aida wanted a catchy name for her wines. She was inspired at school. During the English lesson it was about special, not often used English words. The most special word she got to know was Serendipity, which means something like a phenomenon where by accident, unexpectedly, something beautiful arises or happens. This is the perfect description of her wines. Aïda started by making a rosé and in the attempt to make an easy to appreciate rosé, a special, unique and complex rosé with a beautiful color was created. She now also makes a red wine and a red dessert wine. Something similar happened with her other wines. Typical Serendipity. 

Try it at home?

We recently made the wines of Andrea and Aïda available in the Netherlands. All wines from these sisters are made in very small editions. They can be found here.

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