Hip and historic, the ins and outs of Orange Wine

Everything you need to know about Orange Wine

Maybe you've seen or read about it, or maybe you've even tasted it! It is a special drink that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Is it new, is it hype or is there more to it?

A lot of Orange Wine is made in Georgia and for good reason. Wine has been made this way for centuries. Even before the white wine as we know it (clear and yellow in color) was first made. 


Which brings us straight to the first misconception about Orange Wine. It is not made from oranges, but simply from grapes. Orange describes the color of the wine.

The wine gets that color because of the production process. Orange Wine is made in the same way as red wine, but with white grapes. The skins continue to float in the grape juice until after fermentation, i.e. until after the juice has turned into wine. This gives the skins more color to the wine.

Catalan winemakers

Orange Wine has also been made in Catalonia for a long time. Here it is called 'Brisat' (Bridado in Spanish). In the past decade, more and more attention has been paid to making natural wine in the region. Making Orange Wine automatically reduces the chance of oxidation, so you don't actually need sulfites. Of course, that sounds like music to the ears of natural winemakers, so more and more Catalan Orange Wine has been made in recent years.

How does that taste?

In addition to the color, the taste is also substantially different from 'normal' white wine. Typical aromas and flavors in Orange Wine are: orange and mandarin oranges, citrus zest, overripe red apple, raw almonds and walnuts, honey and sourdough.

There is also something striking about the taste. As mentioned before, the wine is made in the same way as red wine, so Orange Wine also has some tannin in the taste. That gritty mouthfeel of when you bite on a grape seed. This is delicious in the often juicy Orange Wine and it gives the wine an extra dimension.

What is the best to eat with it?

Orange Wine goes great with Middle Eastern cuisine. Roasted aubergine, couscous, bulgur, tajines and lamb are examples of dishes that go well together. There are many more ingredients and dishes that you can perfectly pair with Orange Wine, such as: grilled octopus, feta, manchego and comté cheese, Jerusalem artichokes, nuts. 

Of course, every wine has its own taste profile, so it is always a matter of fitting and measuring with wine food. In any case, we can say with certainty that you will definitely have an experience with Orange Wine. Hip, sustainable wine with a lot of history at the same time. Hello!

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