Best of: Spanish Rosé

One of the better Spanish rosé wines

We have something to confess. Before we started Tinc Set, we were not fond of rosé. In the Netherlands, the shops are full of pale rosé from Provence and from other areas that try to imitate this style. Nice cold drink, refreshing, easy flavours, little can go wrong there. There are positive exceptions, of course, but try to pick them out from the abundance of rosé that pours out in shop windows, flyers, and commercial emails. In addition, we felt that there was much more diversity, quality and complexity in the white wine corner.

A year and a half ago, the time had come to select wines for the start of Tinc Set. When visiting the wineries, it soon became apparent that not a lot of rosé is made in Catalonia. Another thing that stood out: the color! The rosés here were not pale, light, and salmon-colored, but rather red, intense, dark, and they might have looked at first glance as if they were going to taste sweet. But when that first sip…

What was in our glass? The Barbara Fores Rosat is a dark rosé made from Garnatxa, Carinyena and Syrah. An ultimate fruity and corpulent rosé with a bright red colour. The red fruit, the flowers and the herbs popped out of the glass. Incredibly juicy taste and the wine was wonderfully dry. What a surprise! This is nice, but wait a minute. We didn't like rosé did we? Yes, but this is something different. However? We were confused for a moment. We took another sip and then we knew. If we were to bring Catalan rosé to the Netherlands, then our way. Rosé that makes us enthusiastic, which is a bit different from what all supermarkets and wine shops are full of. Unique taste and an unforgettable rosé experience.

Celler Barbara Fores is a family winery from Terra Alta. Daughter Pili has been involved in winemaking for a number of years and she soon left her mark on the wines. This rosé is nowadays made without added sulfites. Wow! But it didn't taste like natural wine at all. Pili: “No, that's right. We assume the utmost respect for nature and the use of sulphite as little as possible. We work extremely carefully so that the wine has no flaws and tastes as 'clean' as possible. This rosé is an excellent accompaniment to tasty starters.” When we ask her about the color of the rosé, she starts her plea about Catalan rosé:

“The international market does indeed demand pale rosés, so we can throw our roots overboard and change the vinification process. But this is the typical rosé of our region, Terra Alta. It's called 'bleeding rosé' here. This is pure expression of the grapes and where we come from. We are proud of this!”

We have now brought the Barbara Fores Rosat to the Netherlands and this beautiful dark rosé has gained many fans. Our opinion has also been revised. No rosé in the park with ice cubes. Good and special rosé is to be enjoyed to the fullest.


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