Trepat, the Catalan Pinot Noir.

DO Conca de Barberà is a small wine region in the middle of Catalonia. Bordering the popular and tough wine regions of Penedes and Montsant, this area is a lot more unknown. Originally, it didn't really excel at anything. The wines were subordinate to those of the nearby areas and the grapes were often sold to large wine companies to at least make money. Plenty of international grape varieties were planted in an attempt to get more on the map from a commercial point of view.



And then there was Celler Carles Andreu. In the 90s this was already an established name because of the high quality cava that this winery made. In addition, as a new generation winemaker, Bernat also started to focus on the unknown local grape variety Trepat. This is now considered the Catalan Pinot Noir. 



This grape lends itself well to making rosé and rosé cava, but the family realized that Trepat also had the potential to make good red wine. In contrast to the typical Mediterranean solid red wines with intense aromas, the red wine from Trepat is extremely elegant. With these wines from Celler Carles Andreu you have the very best expression of this grape variety in your hands.

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