Elixsea Underwater Winery


Elixsea Underwater Winery is a project of Mariona and Gergo. Both are passionate about wine as well as diving. With this project they have found a way to unite their passions.

In this unique project they are experimenting with maturing high quality wine at the bottom of the sea. In addition to the experiment, research is also being conducted into the effects of the sea on wine. Under water there is a higher pressure, a constant temperature and no light and sound.

These factors contribute to a faster development of the wine. The wine becomes more complex and develops in a way that would never be possible on land. Despite the fact that seawater cannot penetrate the bottle, a subtle salty taste is created.

For the project, Mariona and Gergo chose red wine from Priorat. The highest quality Catalan wine. They age the wine at the bottom of the sea at Roses in northern Catalonia for six months.